Sunday, November 6, 2016

Be a part of their story....

I am just days away from getting on a plane and flying to China! The country where 3 of our sons were born. I am so excited, nervous and scared. I am excited to meet our two new sons and to once again be in China and to get to explore the providence they are from. I am nervous about meeting them and how they will react to me, also I am nervous to leave Brock and the 4 kiddos at home. :( It is hard to be away from my family this long, it was a hard trip to get Hudson. I do expect this trip to be a little better since I will have Alicia with me, but it will still be tough. I am scared because we still do not have all the finances needed to be able to leave Friday.

We were blessed with a matching grant this weekend. This means for every dollar you donate to us, they will match it. (You give $50, they give us $50!). They will match up to $1565. We are currently around $15,000 short. I know this sounds like a huge number, but we know this can happen, we know we have to get Rowen and Rylen home and we will do whatever we can to get to them with no delay.

Do you want to become a part of their story? Be our village who helps get these boys home? Our biggest needs are financial donations and prayer. If you can please do these, we would be so grateful. I just want to be able to get on that plane, on time, this Friday, knowing I have all the money I need for the adoption, and go meet my sons!

If you can, please make a donation through our PayPal link. We would also be ok with you would like to share our story, our need and our PayPal link. Also, please pray for us and the boys. This will be such a wonderful amazing and tough trip. While we have had 10 months to stare at their photos, watch their seconds long videos over and over and to talk about and prepare for them, they just saw our photos a few weeks ago for the first time, they don't understand what is about to take place. They will be leaving the only life they know...their orphanage, their nannies, foster family, friends, culture, smells, foods, and so much more. This will be scary for them, they will be confused and I am sure sad at times. Please pray for them.

Again, if you can help financially, if you live locally you could drop it off to us or if you dont or cant, please donate to our

Thank you!

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